When you buy a "The Future Is
Fluid" t-shirt, something magical
exits your account and
goes into ours.
then goes to our t-shirt partners
everybody.world for making
the magic.
$1.50 stays with us to cover our
office elves who make sure things are running smoothly.
is then split between Trans Youth
Equality Foundation's Camp and
The Fluid Fund.
and the world is a little
bit more human because of
The Trans Youth Equality Foundation Camps are for transgender and gender non-conforming youth. Held in confidential locations in New England, the camps are safe spaces to ask questions, find support and, most importantly, discover a loving community of peers. One of the only camps of its kind in the United States, TYEF camps are helping to guarantee that the next generation is healthy, happy and confident.

So that all transgender and gender non-conforming youth have an opportunity to attend the camps, proceeds from The Future Is Fluid will cover scholarships including transportation to and 
from the camp.
In order to ensure that the creative voices of transgender and gender fluid youth are heard, we have created a fund that will award grants of $1K+ to support the creative projects of transgender and gender fluid youth (22 years and under).

The grants will be awarded biannually and selected by a committee of experts from the arts and entertainment industries.
We decided that since the future is fluid, why have one logo? Shouldn't a brand that is all about people's right to live outside binaries and hard lines be given permission to shape shift and evolve as well? Hell yes! Therefore, we will issue editions. Each edition will have a different design and feature a different LGBTQIA+ icon on the inside. This means once one sells out, we are on to the next. Yay! Follow us on Instagram where we will announce new editions and edition partners.
"The Future Is Fluid" is a simple t-shirt with some not so simple ambitions:
Educate and inspire people to be more aware, accepting and awesome.

Give gender fluid and trans youth a safe space to become their unapologetically amazing selves.

Guarantee that the creative voices of gender fluid 
and trans youth are heard.
We love to talk! Send us an email at fluidfuture@irregularlabs.com or dm us @thefutureisfluid.